G.A.M.E. Plan

We are excited to unveil our newly revised digital planner and tracker, Game Plan! Game Plan features an enhanced user interface that is more user-friendly and intuitive. Basic membership includes a scorecard with updated individual student assessments evaluating study habits, degree of self-regulation, growth mindset, and the student's thinking profile. Moreover, students will have access to class resources that are only available to those who have a membership. A complimentary parent membership is included with a student account.

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Here's What We've Discovered From Student Users...

Increased self-regulation

Better study habit choices

Stronger growth mindset development

Increased motivation to achieve goals

A love to learn

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Here's A Sneak Peek of What You Get...

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Scorecard Assessment

A series of carefully crafted surveys will revealing your mindset, motivations, self-regualtion, and study habit choices, and their brains strengths and challenges.

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Digital Planner

Some schools have connected this platform with their teacher's weekly assignments, auto-populating the weekly plan basics for students to build on.

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Monitoring and Evaluation Tools

including test and quiz evaluations following the students' learning process before, during, and after an assessment.


Claim A Free Gift With Your Order!

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Dopamine Boosting Download bundle

Two of our popular PDFs designed to drive up dopamine levels when you need a boost! These are included as free downloads upon becoming a GAME Plan Member.

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