Empowering Academic Independence

Empowering Academic Independence

A step-by-step interactive workbook to guide students toward their personal best!

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Everything you're about to get

Get everything included below at one low price. Valued at $300 (Our price:$150)

Chapters of lessons designed to boost executive functioning skills and self regulated learning habits, created by Learning Specialists

Engaging videos for visual examples

Real, relatable stories demonstrating application of lesson

Lots of downloadable PDF reflection tools, and more!

Fun, brain-friendly games created by Self-regulated learning specialist

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Lessons included

Learn how the brain learns

Brain friendly Study Skills

Executive Functioning


In case you're wondering

Am I locked into a subscription?

Nope! Your one-time payment for your EAI account is good for one year, and we ask before re-newing.

What type of student does this work for?

ALL! Self regulation skills are beneficial for any student both in and out of the classroom. EAI is for ALL students.

Is it all online?

Everything except a few study strategies can be completed online. (IE, foldable flashcards)

Do I need other tools?

Nope. EAI is complete all on its own! Just bring your thinking cap!
However, our tracking workbook, EAI: Tracking Edition, is an excellent tool to tack on for those looking for extra monitoring opportunities.

What is the difference between an individual account vs a classroom account?

Classroom accounts are both teacher and student tools! They come fully equipped with lesson plans, class sets of brain-friendly learning tools and team-based games! Whereas, individual accounts are geared toward one student. They can work their way through the digital workbook on their own, with a tutor, or with a parent.

Can this be used in the classroom?

YES! We encourage this to be a helpful teacher tool integrated into class time. EAI is currently guiding over 400 students to their personal best, right in their classroom.

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Empowering Academic Independence: Tracking Edition

Empowering Academic Independence: Tracking Edition

Monitor like never before with our Empowering Academic Independence: Tracking Edition physical workbook. The perfect addition to our digital platform  (Empowering Academic Independence)  this extension allows students a more in depth, tangible experience at our tracking tools allowing students to reflect and strategize more efficiently than ever.  
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